What's that hooting and groaning, as though distant Scottish pipers were sneaking up on you? It's a large tartan... a kind of kilted...a sort of person made of different clans, all scrambled up with screeching and skirling sounds, gliding up behind you with dark intention....

Carapace Burlesque is a 2 metre tall sculpture made from recycled kilts. It is remotely controlled by Stephanie Douet, and has a nasty bagpipe soundtrack by Tudor Lukies choking and gurgling under its crinoline. Mark Wrighton makes the radio-controlled part.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Dancing Christmas Tree

My neighbour, her little girl and my father were the cast and production crew for this weedy video. Dad crouched on an upturned paint tin manipulating the 'gliding' of the tree with two wire coat-hangers in his hands, while waggling his head around dementedly with a string of cowbells between his teeth to produce the jingling you may not be able to hear.

Cathy had coached Daisy to produce a cry of surprise when confronted the tree, but after Cathy had walked by several times, Daisy's only response was  'Yucky!'

Anyway the actual finished article is available exclusively from Livestock Productions, and I must say it looks utterly magical!!


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