What's that hooting and groaning, as though distant Scottish pipers were sneaking up on you? It's a large tartan... a kind of kilted...a sort of person made of different clans, all scrambled up with screeching and skirling sounds, gliding up behind you with dark intention....

Carapace Burlesque is a 2 metre tall sculpture made from recycled kilts. It is remotely controlled by Stephanie Douet, and has a nasty bagpipe soundtrack by Tudor Lukies choking and gurgling under its crinoline. Mark Wrighton makes the radio-controlled part.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Mandarin robot at the V and A

See us in action at the V&A via this link

A late update - this actually happened in January. A new robot - a celadon-green giant with demented soundtrack of gongs and cymbols, accosting visitors to the V&A's Late Friday live event, curated by Eliza Gluckman.  After our Sinopticon symposium (see http://www.sinopticon.corg.uk/) she was invited to pull this together for the Chinese New Year, and other Sinopticon artists includung Ed Pien, Karen Tam, Wessie Ling and Gayle Chong Kwan took part.

The controls were snatched from me several times as the Green Mandarin danced around with Laura Kriefman and Ellie Johnson from the Guerilla Dance Project, who were wonderful - improvising to the random movements of the robot with beautiful graceful responses - see more of them at http://www.guerilladanceproject.com/

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