What's that hooting and groaning, as though distant Scottish pipers were sneaking up on you? It's a large tartan... a kind of kilted...a sort of person made of different clans, all scrambled up with screeching and skirling sounds, gliding up behind you with dark intention....

Carapace Burlesque is a 2 metre tall sculpture made from recycled kilts. It is remotely controlled by Stephanie Douet, and has a nasty bagpipe soundtrack by Tudor Lukies choking and gurgling under its crinoline. Mark Wrighton makes the radio-controlled part.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Other many-breasted persons

The Ephesian Artemis - though the name is a piece of theft from Greece since the figure is more likely earth- goddess Ashtart than the boyish huntress of Greek myth.  I'm not saying there's a link with my robot - I am not!!! but just ask yourself, who got there first?

There's a lovely photo of Louise Bourgeois standing in her street clothes covered in a vest with a tumult of latex bosoms cascading down the front. There's something about the way she wears the thing - casual, comical. She plays it straight.  This one is marble, such a  jumble of paradoxical  form and meaning.

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