What's that hooting and groaning, as though distant Scottish pipers were sneaking up on you? It's a large tartan... a kind of kilted...a sort of person made of different clans, all scrambled up with screeching and skirling sounds, gliding up behind you with dark intention....

Carapace Burlesque is a 2 metre tall sculpture made from recycled kilts. It is remotely controlled by Stephanie Douet, and has a nasty bagpipe soundtrack by Tudor Lukies choking and gurgling under its crinoline. Mark Wrighton makes the radio-controlled part.

Friday, 8 October 2010

The Hospital Club - Wolf & Badger's Graduate Design awards

A couple of weeks ago I dragged Herself off to Covent Garden for this party to be some of the performance art organised by curator Nathalie Levy of Salon Contemporary. I'd had to full in a health n safety form detailing her cruising speed, radio frequency and current medication, done with a wry leer as she moves as fast as a toddler but hadn't taken into account the powerful effect of the new weights in her skirt. Now when she moves forward the weights swing her around like a giant tartan bell, making it impossible to figure out if she's going forwards, sideways or over the stairs.

We were put next to the lift on the ground floor, and her movements were pretty much beyond prediction. Several guests were tapped in the small of the back or clonked with her wings as she spun drunkenly on the spot.
From Sarah Betty's blog: 'The first thing I saw was this crazy looking fella, who I think was a robot, but actually looked like something from my nightmares! I quickly had to run upstairs, so it wouldn’t eat me.

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