What's that hooting and groaning, as though distant Scottish pipers were sneaking up on you? It's a large tartan... a kind of kilted...a sort of person made of different clans, all scrambled up with screeching and skirling sounds, gliding up behind you with dark intention....

Carapace Burlesque is a 2 metre tall sculpture made from recycled kilts. It is remotely controlled by Stephanie Douet, and has a nasty bagpipe soundtrack by Tudor Lukies choking and gurgling under its crinoline. Mark Wrighton makes the radio-controlled part.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Live Tartan

I've been asked, what gave me the idea to make this monstrosity? is it enough to say I can't remember? a kilt surplus in the salvation Army shop? a wish to go to the Edinburgh Festival? The prototype took about two hours to knock off. After that - hours and hours and hours of snipping, pinking, wrenching, weeping, and struggling like Epstein with a block of marble to release the latent form within the plaids.

An odd thing about kilts - they are almost always size 18 or 20, and smell faintly but certainly of sweetpea talcum powder (sp?)

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